Ramos, Carola

My name is Carola Ramos I born in Mexico City. I lived part of my life in Cd Juarez and Mexico City.
My parents and my grand mother were teachers. I graduate from Manuel Acosta, a private  University in Mexico as an early childhood teacher. I move to the USA in 1973. I Graduated from Park University in Missouri as a Social Psychologist. Later, I took the alternative certification for bilingual educator from UTEP. I had experience from programs in social psychology, working with the state. As a teacher, I had an extraordinary experience serving a beautiful population at Cooley Elementary.  I was a kindergarten teacher for most of my teaching career. Now for the first time, I discover the wonder of the older students in 2nd grade. It has been a wonderful experience that makes every day bright.  I believe that is a great opportunity for every student to reach their maximum potential for each grade they go through. 

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