Spring is Here!

Along with flowers blossoming and the weather getting warmer, we can expect our students to continue growing in their educational journey.  We have just finished a round of STAAR testing, and are reading to take on the next round in early May.  Students, teachers, administrators and parents at home  have worked hard all year to arrive at this point, and as a team we will achieve success!

At our campus, student achievement is our number one priority. Teachers and students strive for excellence every day, and are dedicated to putting forth their best effort.  Parents at home are an important part of the equation, providing support for their students in both their academic work and their extra-curricular activities.  Together, the Cooley community moves forward at EPISD.

Our webpage is designed to provide parents, students and staff with important information as to any upcoming events.  You will also find links to individual teacher pages, containing calendars, homework assignment, class policies and even student work.  We hope also to receive feedback from the community as to the type of information you would find useful.  We will continue to improve upon it.

Take a chance to explore our new Cooley web space and continue to come back regularly to check for news and updates. They school year is not over yet, and there is still so much to learn and experience!

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